Helpful Websites/Blogs

Here is a list of websites and blogs that I find helpful for learning about different topics in Computer Science.

The Morning Paper


The Morning Paper: a short summary every weekday of an important, influential, topical or otherwise interesting paper in the field of computer science.

A good way to keep up with what’s going on in various research areas in Computer Science.


Metacademy is built around an interconnected web of concepts, each one annotated with a short description, a set of learning goals, a (very rough) time estimate, and pointers to learning resources. The concepts are arranged in a prerequisite graph, which is used to generate a learning plan for a concept. Here are the learning plan and graph for deep belief nets.

It is a good place to quickly learn about a specific topic without the need to go through a whole textbook. Currently, the website focuses more on topics related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.


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